The same God who destroys the wicked is the object of the psalmist’s trust and, in truth, the extermination of the wicked is but the converse of the reward and exaltation of the righteous; the one is the necessary preliminary to the other.  And the earth, let it be remembered, is the stage upon which the psalmist expects to see the denouement of the drama of life, the vindication of God’s moral government of the world.

From:  A. F. Kirkpatrick, The Book of Psalms (The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges) (Cambridge: At the University Press, 1902), p. 315.  Comment at Psalm 55:23.

Alexander Francis Kirkpatrick (1849-1940) was Regius Professor of Hebrew at Cambridge University (1882-1903).  At the time of publication, he was also Master of Selwyn College, Cambridge University (1898-1907), Canon of Ely (1882-1903), Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Winchester (1895-1903), and General Editor for Old Testament and Apocrypha, Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges (1892-1929).

He died on January 22, 1940, at the age of 90.


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