Christ is our glorious Head.  We are the members of His body.  Rejoice and shout for joy, O faithful soul, in the ascension to heaven of your Head.  The glory of the Head is the glory, also, of the members.  Where our flesh reigns, there let us believe that we, too, shall reign.  Where our blood rules, there let us hope that we, too, shall be glorious.  Though our sins would forbid this, yet our participation in His holy nature makes it possible.  Where the Head is, there shall, also, the other members of the body be.  Christ, our Head, has gone into the heavens.  Hence, the other members of the body, with good reason, hope to enter heaven and, not only so but, even now, already have a possession in heaven.  Christ came from heaven for our redemption.  He returns there for our glorification.  He was born in the flesh for us.  He suffered for us.  And, therefore, He ascended for us.  The passion of Christ wins our love.  The resurrection of Christ strengthens our faith.  The ascension of Christ confirms our hope.

From: Sacred Meditations by Johann Gerhard; translated from the Latin by C. W. Heisler; reprint (Malone, TX: Repristination Press, 1998), p. 116.  This volume is a reprint of an edition published in 1896.  Originally published in 1606.

Johann Gerhard (1582-1637) was a German Lutheran theologian and author.  His Meditationes Sacrae was published when he was only 24.

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