And there are churches which are famed for fanaticism.  A few years ago, on our American scene, we had a church that grew rapidly and whose reputation spread over the nation because a curvesome female was able to stand before a lot of folk retired from the drab life of mid-west farms in the pre-auto, pre-radio days and swish herself before them with all the charms of a nightclub hostess.  In spite of the fact that the Bible categorically denies the right of women to carry on the central work of the ministry, she usurped the function of the public teacher and joined the ranks of the Jezebels who call themselves prophetesses and who teach and seduce God’s people from the eternal truths (Revelation 2.20).

Alas, there are more churches famed for other things than there are churches famed for faith.  And, as time goes on, the number of churches of faith seems to grow rarer.  The Sunday evening service has been abandoned, the prayer meeting has gone.  The social room becomes the center of attraction.  The church becomes a second-class restaurant and, in some instances, there have been churches that have flourished on games of bingo.  What a scandal on the name of Christ!Donald Grey Barnhouse (1895-1960), from a meditation on Romans 1.8.


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