A religious movement with power to lift up souls into a true spiritual life must have its inception and progress in a clear and earnest presentation of the vital doctrines of religion.  The order of facts in every such movement in the history of Christianity has been, first, a reformation of doctrine and, then, through the truer doctrine, a higher and better moral and spiritual life. . .Such has ever been, and must forever be, the chronological order of these facts because it is the logical order.  When souls move up from a sinful life or a dead formalism into a true spiritual life, they must have the necessary reasons and motives for such action. . .If we should be consecrated to God in a life of holy obedience and love, it must be for reasons of duty and motives of spiritual well-being, which are complete only in the distinctive doctrines of Christianity.  These doctrines are not mere intellectual principles or dry abstractions, but living truths which embody all the practical forces of Christianity.  The spiritual life takes a higher form under evangelical Christianity than is possible under any other form, whether ritualistic or rationalistic because, therein, the great doctrines of Christianity are apprehended in a living faith and act with their transcendent practical force upon all that enters into this life.John Miley


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