Love for Christ is not sentimentalism or a sickly, pseudo-spiritual feeling.  It does not result in mere lip service, either.  Real love for Him is demonstrated by an active, eager, joyful, responsive obedience to His commandments.  What you say about your love for Him is relatively unimportant – what counts is that you show your love for Him by how you live your life.  Discipleship is not singing songs and saying nice things.  True discipleship is obedience, motivated by love.

To those who are bound to Him by their love, the Lord extends a number of promises.  These promises are for all disciples from all time periods since Christ ascended.  They are not rewards in return for our faithfulness.  They are gracious gifts from God to aid and encourage us in obedience.  They are benefits God has provided us without any effort on our part.  All of them are tied to the coming of the Holy Spirit – the Comforter, Teacher, and Helper who would minister to the disciples when Jesus left.  Together, these promises constitute the legacy our Lord bequeaths to His disciples – starting with the eleven, but extending to everyone who loves Christ.

From: The Upper Room: Jesus’ Parting Promises for Troubled Hearts by John MacArthur (n.p.: Kress Biblical Resources, 2014), p. 102.


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