1. Never neglect daily private prayer and, when you pray, remember that God is present and that He hears your prayers (Hebrews 11.6).

2. Never neglect daily private Bible-reading and, when you read, remember that God is speaking to you and that you are to believe and act upon what He says.  I believe all backsliding begins with neglect of these two rules (John 5.39).

3. Never let a day pass without trying to do something for Jesus.  Every night, reflect on what Jesus has done for you, and then ask yourself, “What am I doing for Him?” (Matthew 5.13-16).

4. If you are in doubt as to a thing being right or wrong, go to your room and kneel down and ask God’s blessing upon it (Colossians 3.17).  If you cannot do this, it is wrong (Romans 14.23).

5. Never take your Christianity from Christians or argue that, because such and such people do so and so, that, therefore, you may (2 Corinthians 10.12).  You are to ask yourself, “How would Christ act in my place?” and strive to follow Him (John 10.27).

6. Never believe what you feel if it contradicts God’s Word.  Ask yourself, “Can what I feel be true, if God’s Word is true?” and, if both cannot be true, believe God and make your own heart the liar (Romans 3.4; 1 John 5.10-11). – Brownlow North (1810-1875), English evangelist

From:  The Banner of Truth, Issue 616 (January, 2015), p. 32.


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