Viewing the text as a whole, the Westminster Confession of Faith enjoys three great strengths.  The first lies in the coherence and clarity of its carefully focused chapters, each of them organized around a major doctrinal or biblical theme…The second distinguishing feature of this confession is its use as a guide to readers of the Bible.  The confession offers paragraphs written for the sole purpose of helping Christians to understand scriptural words and phrases.  The assembly also offered 2,500 “proof texts” in support of the confession’s teaching.  For those with the patience to investigate the biblical basis for Christian doctrine, a study of this declaration of faith and its supporting passages of Scripture will yield rich dividends…The third major advantage of this confession is that it deals not only with fundamental doctrines that are obvious, but also with some fundamental doctrines that are difficult.  Many of the topics raised in this confession of faith have deterred the faint-hearted, such as the problem of evil, the divine decrees, and the freedom or bondage of the will.  The assembly offers careful sketches on each subject as well as clear counterpoints to associated errors.  Both new initiates to Christianity and seasoned theologians will find these outlines helpful.

From: Confessing the Faith: A Reader’s Guide to the Westminster Confession of Faith by Chad Van Dixhoorn (Edinburgh: The Banner of Truth Trust, 2014), pp. xix, xx.


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