The flabby sentimentality, so widespread, is not hospitable to the rigor and vigor of a document like the Confession.  Its system of truth and way of life do not comport with current patterns of thought and behavior.  This is the reason for the collapse of the religious and moral standards which our Christian faith represents.  It is folly to think that we can retain or reclaim Christian culture on any lower level than that which the Westminster Assembly defined.  Christian thought may never be stagnant.  When it ceases to be progressive, it declines.  But, we do not make progress by discarding our heritage.  We build upon it or, more accurately, we grow from it.

Oftentimes, it is pleaded that the Christian message must be adapted to the modern man.  It is true that the message must be proclaimed to modern man, and to modern man in the context in which he lives and in language he can understand.  But it is much more true and important to plead that modern man must be adapted to the gospel.  It is not true that the doctrine of the Confession is irrelevant to the modern man.  It is, indeed, meaningless to him until he listens to it.  But, when a man today becomes earnest about the Christian faith, when he gives heed to Scripture as the Word of God, when he faces up to the challenge of unbelieving ways of thought and life and demands the answer which Christianity provides, he cannot rest with anything less than the consistency and vigor which the Confession exemplifies.  Unbelief is potent and subtle, and the believer requires the truth of God in its fullest expression if he is to be furnished for faithful witness and confession. – John Murray (1898-1975)

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