Matthew Henry and his siblings were privileged to have their father as their principal tutor.  He had had an excellent schooling and all the advantages of double degree courses at Oxford University.  The children in the family were started very young on their lessons.  William Tong, in the earliest biography of Matthew Henry, claims that he could read “a chapter in the Bible very distinctly at about three years old, and with some observation of what he read.”  While he was very young, this may well have been true, though children can often memorize passages so well that it seems as if they are reading.  Philip Henry was an inventive teacher, for he even wrote an English Hebrew grammar for his daughter, Sarah, when she was six or seven years old.  She got on so well that she could readily read a Hebrew psalm and explain the grammar of it.

From: Matthew Henry (1662-1714): His Life and Influence by Allan M. Harmon (Fearn: Christian Focus, 2012), p. 39.


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