So, when we see these things, be sure that the Holy Spirit has rightly made provision for such ills and has supplied us with a remedy so that each of us may, quietly and in all humility, obey God’s word.  And, when we see dissenters and scoffers rise up, intent on needling and tormenting us, let us shun them as we would the plague, and let that be an end to it.  If we want God to help us retain possession of the treasure of His gospel, let us, for our part, not side with those who wish to see everything undone, Christ’s flock scattered, and God’s house destroyed.  Lastly, because people today are as much consumed by stupid curiosity as they ever were, let us be careful to recall what Paul teaches us here: when we read God’s word and when we come to church, may our sole aim be to be taught sound doctrine – doctrine, that is, which advances our salvation so that we may continually grow in the faith of our Lord Jesus, being certain of the salvation which He has won for us and trusting in the grace which He has brought us. – John Calvin (1509-1564), from a sermon on Titus 1.1-4 (translated from the French by Robert White).


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