I’m not convinced that the church is convinced in the actual power of the Word of God to save and transform people.  They think, “If I don’t have flashy videos, I can’t see people come to Christ.”  If they really believed in the power of the Word to transform people, then they would be teaching the Bible a bit more.  The church is a bit confused about its real mission during this age.  Are we here to transform culture?  Do we have a cultural commission and a Great Commission?  That’s confused.  When the church really wants to impact culture, they minimize the real distinctives of Christianity, like propitiation and judgment.  We want to accommodate too much in order to be heard.  When we focus on just overcoming social problems, then we become more moralistic, and the message of Christianity is lost. – Robert L. Saucy (1930-2015)

(His last name is pronounced “SO-see”.)


One thought on “Losing the Message of Christianity

  1. What the church needs to do is to be submissive to God and to pray for His Holy Spirit. The apostles didn’t need man-made gimmicks when they were leading people to Jesus; all they needed was the Holy Spirit and His power to preach the Word. The Holy Spirit converted many, many people during that time and the church was overflowed to the seams with new believers.

    Lord, revive Your people with Your Holy Spirit and Your Holy Word. Amen.

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