Finally, in complete public worship, there should be the regular use of the two sacraments which Christ appointed in His church.  By baptism, new members should be continually added to the congregation and publicly enrolled in the list of professing Christians.  By the Lord’s Supper, believers should be continually offered an opportunity of confessing their Master, and continually strengthened and refreshed and put in remembrance of His sacrifice on the cross.  I believe, with every feeling of respect for Quakers and Plymouth Brethren, that no one who neglected these two sacraments would have been regarded as Christian by Paul and Peter, James and John.  No doubt, like every other good thing, they may be painfully misused and profaned by some and superstitiously idolized by others.  But, after all, there is no getting over the fact that baptism and the Lord’s Supper were ordained by Christ Himself as means of grace, and we cannot doubt He meant them to be reverently and duly used.  A man who preferred to worship God for many years without ever receiving the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper is a man, I am firmly persuaded, who would not have been thought in a right state in the days of the apostles.

From: Worship: Its Priority, Principles, and Practice by J. C. Ryle (Edinburgh: The Banner of Truth Trust, 2005), pp. 21-22.  This volume is excerpted from Ryle’s Knots Untied (1877).


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