I recently read a story in some newspaper or other about a minister who preached a very elaborate course of lectures in refutation of some form of infidelity for the special benefit of a man who attended his place of worship.  Soon after, the man came and declared himself a Christian.  The minister said to him, “Which of my discourses was it that removed your doubts?”  The reply was, “Oh!  It was not any of your sermons that influenced me.  The thing that set me thinking was that a poor woman came out of the chapel beside me and stumbled on the steps, and I stretched out my hand to help her, and she said, ‘Thank you!’  Then, she looked at me and said, ‘Do you love Jesus Christ, my blessed Savior?’  And I did not.  And I went home and thought about it.  And now I can say I love Jesus.”

The poor woman’s word and her frank confession of her experience were all the transforming power.

Alexander Maclaren (1826-1910), from a meditation on John 1.40-42.

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