Apart from God, for minds which do not allow themselves to be influenced by practical prejudices, there remains nothing but scepticism, which is the suicide of reason: God is not, indeed, the explanation of anything.  That is the reason why the effort which leads to the establishment of science is necessary.  But, He is the reason of all things, and this fact renders religious affirmation indispensable to science as a guarantee of the reality of its objective.  How, otherwise, could we know that this vision of a palpable and ponderable world is not a gigantic hallucination, the creation of an ego more unreal still?

From: An Introduction to Reformed Dogmatics by Auguste Lecerf; translated from the French by S. L-H; Lutterworth Library series, Volume 28 (London: Lutterworth Press, 1949), p. 252.  The excerpted portion is from the original French volume, Du Fondement et de la Specification de la Connaisance Religieuse (1938).

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