I don’t know, for certain, why God should choose to share the making of decisions and the implementing of them with other heavenly beings, as I don’t know why God chooses to use human beings in fulfilling His purpose rather than doing everything Himself, although I wouldn’t be surprised if it arises out of a delight in sharing responsibility rather than insisting that one does everything oneself.  In other words, it’s an expression of love.  I guess also that, in a paradoxical way, the awareness that God involves subordinate heavenly beings as God’s agents heightens the sense that God is the real King.  A king does not do everything himself.  The idea that God shares responsibility and rule in this way also has significant explanatory power, like the awareness that God shares authority with human beings.  Both heavenly and earthly beings have the capacity to ignore the directions God gives them for the exercise of their power, and that offers part of the explanation of why things go so wrong – in heaven, evidently, and not just on earth.

From: Job for Everyone by John Goldingay; Old Testament for Everyone series (Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 2013), pp. 11-12.  Comment on Job 1.6-12.

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