Seeing that God has taken up His abode in us and wishes that we may be His temples and dwells in those temples by His Holy Spirit, are we afraid that He will not give us power to persevere until the end, that He will not keep us in certain possession of the benefits which we have received from His hand?  True, the devil will labor to deprive us of them but, as our souls will not be a prey to him because our Lord, Jesus Christ, has taken them under His protection, they have been committed to Him by God the Father so nothing that God has appointed for our salvation will be a prey to Satan.  Why?  Because we have the Spirit to defend us against all his efforts.  Where is that Spirit?  We must not go to seek Him above the clouds.  It is true that He fills the whole earth and that His majesty dwells above the heavens.  But, if we feel that He dwells in us since He has been pleased to exercise His power on such poor creatures as we are, we know that that power will be sufficient for defending us against the assaults of Satan – that is, provided that we, on our part, are not negligent.  For we must not flatter ourselves in our sins so as to be careless, but must pray to God, committing everything to Him and hoping that He will always strengthen us more and more.  And, because He has begun to make us ministers of His grace, we know that He will continue, and in such a way that our salvation and that of our neighbor shall always be carried forward more and more, to His glory. – John Calvin (1509-1564)

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