Complain not of the times, when thou makest them worse.  Thou shouldst make the times better.  The worse the times are, the better be thou; for this is thy glory, to be good in an evil generation.  This was Lot’s glory (2 Peter 2.7).  Paul tells what ill times they were; but, saith he, “our conversation is in heaven, from whence we look for a Savior” (Philippians 3.20).  What brings destruction on God’s people, but their joining with the wicked?  When they joined with the children of men, then came the flood.  These and the like pretences keep men altogether from goodness, or else from such a measure as may bring honor to God and comfort to themselves. – Richard Sibbes (1577-1635)

From: The Love of Christ: Expository Sermons on Verses from Song of Solomon Chapters 4-6 by Richard Sibbes; reprint (Edinburgh: The Banner of Truth Trust, 2011), p. 155.  Originally published under the title Bowels Opened (1639).


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