By studying the Epistle to the Romans, an exact and comprehensive knowledge of the distinguishing doctrines of grace, in their various bearings and connections, may, by the blessing of God, be obtained.  Here, they appear in all their native force and clearness, unalloyed with the wisdom of man.  The human mind is ever prone to soften the strong features of divine truth and to bring them more into accordance with its own wishes and preconceived notions.  Those lowering and debasing modifications of the doctrines of Scripture, by which, in some popular works, it is endeavored to reconcile error with orthodoxy, are imposing only in theory and may be easily detected by a close and unprejudiced examination of the language of this Epistle. – Robert Haldane (1764-1842), from the preface to the first volume of his commentary on Romans (1836)


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