If you would prosper in your work, be sure to keep up earnest desires and expectations of success.  If your hearts be not set on the end of your labors, and you long not to see the conversion and edification of your hearers, and do not study and preach in hope, you are not likely to see much success.  As it is a sign of a false, self-seeking heart, that can be content to be still doing, and yet see no fruit of his labor, so I have observed that God seldom blesseth any man’s work so much as his, whose heart is set upon the success of it.  Let it be the property of a Judas to have more regard to the bag than to his work, and not to care much for what they pretend to care, and to think, if they have their salaries, and the love and commendations of their people, they have enough to satisfy them: but, let all who preach for Christ and men’s salvation, be unsatisfied till they have the thing they preach for. – Richard Baxter (1615-1691), from The Reformed Pastor (1656)


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