Man naturally disowns the rule God sets him.  It is all one to deny His royalty and to deny His being.  When we disown His authority, we disown His Godhead.  It is the right of God to be the sovereign of His creatures, and it must be a very loose and trivial assent that such men have to God’s superiority over them (and, consequently, to the excellency of His being, upon which that authority is founded) who are scarce at ease in themselves but when they are invading His rights, breaking His bands, casting away His cords, and contradicting His will.  Every man naturally is a son of Belial, would be without a yoke, and leap over God’s enclosures.  And, in breaking out against His sovereignty, we disown His being, as God, for to be God and sovereign are inseparable.  He could not be God if He were not supreme.  Nor could He be a creator without being a lawgiver.  To be God and, yet, inferior to another is a contradiction.  To make rational creatures without prescribing them a law is to make them without holiness, wisdom, and goodness. – Stephen Charnock (1628-1680)

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