Noah, as a preacher of righteousness, had labored in vain and spent his strength for naught among the disobedient.  But, his work was with the Lord and his judgment with his God.  While the ark was preparing, he met with nothing but ridicule and contempt.  How often would they go in parties and insult him: “Well, old dotard, how come you on with your folly?  So, you are going to swim on dry land!  Do you intend to make a sea as soon as you have made the ship?  Where are your sails and rudder?”  Who knows not the force of cruel mockings?

But, the work was the obedience of faith and, while men scorned, the Lord admired.  How delicious is the approbation of God!  His smile, His voice, saying, “Well done, good and faithful servant,” is enough to disarm reproach and persecution, to sweeten all the bitternesses of life, and to commence heaven on earth. – William Jay (1769-1853), from a meditation on Genesis 7.1.


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