It is not simply the stories of individuals that point us to Christ.  The redemptive purpose of God is to redeem a people and renew creation.  Therefore, all the major events in the history of the formation of the people of God also point us to Christ.

Jesus is the one through whom all people are created (John 1).  Thus, the creation story itself points forward to the new creation in Christ.  Jesus is the one who went through temptation and probation in the wilderness.  Thus, the story of the fall points forward to the successful probation and active obedience of Christ.  The exodus story points forward to the true exodus Jesus led for His people through His death (Luke 9.31).  He led them not just out of economic and political bondage but out of bondage to sin and death itself through His death and resurrection.  The wandering in the wilderness and the exile to Babylon points forward to Jesus’ “homelessness” and wandering and wilderness temptation, culminating in His suffering as the scapegoat outside the gate.  He underwent the ultimate exile that fulfilled the righteousness of God fully.

From: Preaching: Communicating Faith in an Age of Skepticism by Timothy Keller (New York: Viking, 2015), p. 85.


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