If religion commands us to live wholly unto God and to do all to His glory, it is because every other way is living wholly against ourselves and will end in our own shame and confusion of face.

As everything is dark that God does not enlighten, as everything is senseless that has not its share of knowledge from Him, as nothing lives but by partaking of life from Him, as nothing exists but because He commands it to be, so there is no glory or greatness but what is of the glory and greatness of God.

We, indeed, may talk of human glory as we may talk of human life or human knowledge but, as we are sure that human life implies nothing of our own but a dependent living in God or enjoying so much life in God, so human glory, whenever we find it, must be only so much glory as we enjoy in the glory of God.

This is the state of all creatures, whether men or angels.  As they make not themselves, so they enjoy nothing from themselves.  If they are great, it must be only as great receivers of the gifts of God.  Their power can only be so much of the divine power acting in them.  Their wisdom can be only so much of the divine wisdom shining within them.  And their light and glory only so much of the light and glory of God shining upon them. – William Law (1686-1761), from A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life, Adapted to the State and Condition of All Orders of Christians (1728)


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