O, how unreasonable is the sin of unbelief, by which the sinner rejects Christ and all of His mercies and benefits that alone can cure his misery. . .O, what beasts has sin turned its subjects into!  Sin has stabbed the sinner to the heart.  His wounds are all deadly and eternal death is in his face.  Yet, he acts like one in love with death and who judges it sweet to perish.  He is loath to burn, yet willing to sin, though sin kindles everlasting flames.  He cannot think of damnation without horror, and yet cannot think of sin – the cause of damnation – without pleasure.  He is averse to perish, and yet refuses Christ as if He were an enemy, though He, alone, can deliver him from eternal perdition.  O, how men act as if they were in love with their own ruin! – John Flavel (ca. 1627-1691)


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