Assure yourself an interest in God’s attributes.  Do not be satisfied that you see God till you see Him to be your God.  Faith not only holds to the fact that God is able, but that He is willing to do what you seek.  Grip two handles with your faith.  Take hold that He is able, omnipotent, omniscient, and all-sufficient, but also take hold that He is willing to meet your needs by His mercy.  Learn to draw arguments from these attributes.  When you hold on to both His power and His mercy, faith can easily draw sweet and strong assurances from these.  It is true that we are prone to doubt God’s willingness, but the Lord has provided for this remarkably.  Where there is but one attribute to describe God’s power, there are many titles that prove His willingness: mercy, goodness, bounty, grace, love, lovingkindness, compassion, bowels of compassion, patience, and longsuffering.  Get faith fixed upon this double basis and it will stand firm.  God is able and willing. – David Clarkson (1622-1686)


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