Unacquaitedness with our mercies, our privileges, is our sin as well as our trouble.  We hearken not to the voice of the Spirit who is given to us “that we may know the things that are freely bestowed on us by God.”  This makes us go heavily, when we might rejoice, and to be weak, where we might be strong in the Lord.  How few of the saints are experientially acquainted with this privilege of holding immediate communion with the Father in love!  With what anxious, doubtful thoughts do they look upon Him!  What fears, what questionings are there of His goodwill and kindness!  At the best, many think there is no sweetness at all in Him towards us but what is purchased at the high price of the death of Jesus.  It is true, that alone is the way of communication, but the free fountain and spring of all is in the bosom of the Father: “Eternal life was with the Father and is manifested to us” (1 John 1.2). – John Owen (1616-1683)


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