The extreme sinfulness of sin and my own personal sinfulness, hopelessness, and spiritual need.  The entire suitableness of our Lord Jesus Christ by His sacrifice, substitution, and intercession to be the Savior of the sinner’s soul.  The overwhelming value of the soul, as compared to anything else.  The absolute necessity of anybody who would be saved being born again, or converted by the Holy Spirit.  The indispensable necessity of holiness in life being the only evidence of a true Christian.  The absolute need for coming out from the world and being separate from the vain customs, recreations, and standards of what’s right, as well as from its sins.  The supremacy of the Bible as the only rule of what is true in faith or right in practice, and the need of regularly reading and studying it.  The absolute necessity of daily private prayer and communion with God if anyone intends to lead the life of a true Christian.  The enormous value of what are called Protestant principles, as compared to Romanism.  The unspeakable excellence and beauty of the doctrine of the Second Advent of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  The unutterable folly of supposing that baptism is regeneration, or formal going to church Christianity, or taking the sacrament a means of wiping away sin, or clergymen to know more of the Bible than other people, or clergymen to be mediators between God and man by virtue of their office.  (p. 10, stating a few vital principles of Christianity)


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