The ordinary judgment of the world is to “put darkness for light” (Isaiah 5.20) and, therefore, to commend according to folly rather than according to wisdom.  And yet, even hated wisdom often carries its voice of conviction both to conscience and judgment, and a man is commended according to it (Proverbs 12.8).  Hence, the elevation of Joseph and Daniel, the honor paid to David in private life, and the universal respect shown to his wise son.  Our Lord’s wisdom was also commended, not only by the popular voice (Matthew 7.28-29), but even by the testimony of His enemies (John 7.46).  The wisdom of Stephen, “making his face to shine,” overpowered his beholders with solemn awe (Acts 6.10, 15).  How thrilling will be the commendation of wisdom before the assembled universe (Luke 12.42-44)!  Who will not then acknowledge the wise choice of an earthly cross with a heavenly crown (Matthew 5.11-12)?  Wisdom, then – not dignity, riches, or talent – brings honor.  This is the Lord’s commendation.  It must be right (2 Corinthians 10.18).  It will stand for eternity. – Charles Bridges (1794-1869)


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