A true wife is her husband’s better half, his lump of delight, his flower of beauty, his guardian angel, and his heart’s treasure.  He says to her, “I shall, in you, most happy be.  In you, my choice, I do rejoice.  In you, I find content of mind.  God’s appointment is my contentment.”  In her company, he finds his earthly heaven.  She is the light of his home, the comfort of his soul, and (for this world) the soul of his comfort.  Whatever fortune God may send him, he is rich so long as she lives.  His rib is the best bone in his body.

They say a man of straw is worth a woman of gold, but I cannot swallow it.  A man of straw is worth no more than a woman of straw.  Let old sayings lie as they like – Jack is no better than Jill, as a rule.  When there is wisdom in the husband, there’s generally gentleness in the wife and, between them, the old wedding wish is worked out: “One year of joy, another of comfort, and all the rest of content.”  Where hearts agree, there joy will be.  United hearts death, only, parts.

Marriages are made in heaven.  Matrimony, in itself, is good. . .A man who has sought his wife from God and married her for her character, not merely for her figure. . .may look for a blessing on his choice.  Those who join their love in God above, who pray to love and love to pray, will find that love and joy will never cloy.

He who respects his wife will find that she respects him.  With what measure he metes, it shall be measured to him again – good measure, pressed down, and running over.  He who consults his spouse will have a good counselor.  I have heard [a] minister say, “Women’s instincts are often truer than man’s reason.”  They jump at a thing at once and are wise offhand.  Say what you will of your wife’s advice, it’s as likely as not you will be sorry you did not take it. – Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892)


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