The greatness of Christ’s sufferings is a full witness against the sinfulness of sin.  What an odious thing sin must be to God!  He will pardon none without blood (Hebrews 9.22).  God would accept no blood but the blood of His Son, not that of bulls and goats (Hebrews 9.13), but that of His Son (1 Peter 1.18-19).  God would not abate one drop of His blood, but He must pour out His life.  His very heart-blood must be spilt and spent for sinners.  And, wonder of wonders, all this was a pleasure to God, for it pleased the Lord to bruise Him.  That it should please the Lord to bruise the Son in whom He was well-pleased is, to us men, an inconceivable mystery.  Thus, God has borne great witness against sin in that He sent His Son to die for sinners.

What a hell of wickedness that must be which none but God can expiate and purge!  God does not do it except by taking human nature.  The God-man could not do it without suffering.  No suffering will serve but death.  And no death but an accursed one.  What an odious evil is sin that must have blood, the blood of God, to take it away! – Ralph Venning (1621-1674)


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