Biblical revelation terminates in mystery.  The lamp of Scripture lights only a limited area of our darkness.  Beyond that area lie the secrets of God, into which men may not pry.  Our knowledge of God, therefore, though true as far as it goes, is nowhere complete or exhaustive.  The humble pupil of Scripture will recognize these limits and keep within them.  He will not be so self-willed as, on the one hand, to build a speculative theological system which says more about God than God has said about Himself or, on the other hand, to ignore or tone down what Scripture does say because he finds it hard to fit in with the rest of what he knows.  His aim is to learn all that God teaches and give it all its due place.  And he will never let himself suppose that now he has finished learning and knows everything.  Instead, he will keep listening to Scripture for further correction and instruction. – J. I. Packer


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