God’s judgments are so many real sermons against the sins of men.  He doth not only preach vocally by the ministry of His servants, but also actually by the execution of His judgments.  “Once hath God spoken, twice have I heard it” (Psalm 62.11) – once in His Word written, a second time in His work done, His actions being so many declarations of His will.  So Elihu, in Job.  These things God will work twice or thrice with a man, to bring his soul back from the pit (Job 33.29-30).  Once, He spake it; another time, performed it; a third time, redoubled it.  There is no people can plead ignorance or excuse themselves by wanting means of instruction, for the whole earth is filled with the judgments of God. – Thomas Adams (1583-1652), commenting on 2 Peter 2.6.


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