In Book 8, Augustine accompanied the story of his final conversion with numerous other conversion stories.  He does a parallel thing in Book 9.  He mentions (but does not narrate at any appreciable length) four additional deaths, even though they did not occur at the same time as Monica’s.  They are the deaths of Monica’s husband (Augustine’s father, Patricius); Augustine’s benefactor, Verecundus, who entertained him at his country estate in the days immediately after his retirement; Augustine’s son, Adeodatus; and his longtime friend, Nebridius.

Another background chorus in Book 9 is the intermittent recording of Augustine’s aquaintances who became Christian converts and were baptized.  One gradually gets the picture of a vast evangelistic network operating in Augustine’s circle of friends and their families.

From: Augustine’s “Confessions” by Leland Ryken; Christian Guides to the Classics series (Wheaton: Crossway, 2015), p. 61.


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