In particular, the Lord Christ is glorious in this, in that the whole breach made on the glory of God in the creation, by the entrance of sin, is by this repaired and made up.  The beauty and order of the whole creation consisted in its dependence on God, by the obedience of the rational part of it, angels and men.  Thereby were the being, the goodness, the wisdom, and power of God made manifest.  But the beauty of this order was defaced, and the manifestation of the divine perfections to the glory of God eclipsed, by the entrance of sin.  But all is restored, repaired, and made up, in this recapitulation of all things in one new head, Christ Jesus; yea, the whole curious frame of the divine creation is rendered more beautiful than it was before.  Hence, the whole of it groans for the interest of each part in this restoration of all things (Romans 8.22).  Whatever there is of order, of beauty, of glory, in heaven above, or in earth beneath, it all arises from this new relation of the creation to the Son of God.  Whatever is not gathered into one, even in Him, in its place, and according to its measure, is under darkness, disorder, and the curse.  Hence, the Jews have a saying, that “in the days of the Messiah, all things shall be healed, but the serpent; that is, the devil, and wicked men, which are his seed.” – John Owen (1616-1683)


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