May I say one very plain word?  I am very much afraid that people do not read their Bibles very much now (or, if they do read them, they do not study them), and that anything like an intelligent familiarity with the whole sweep of the great system (for it is a system) of divine truth, evolved “at many times and in many ways” [Hebrews 1.1] in this Word, is a very rare thing amongst even good people.  They listen to sermons, with more or less attention; they read newspapers, no doubt; they read good little books and magazines, and the like; and volumes that profess to be drawn from Scripture.  These are all right and good, in their place.  But sure I am that a robust and firm grasp of the gospel, which is the grace of God, is not possible with a starvation diet of Scripture.  And so, I would say, try to get hold of the depth and width of meaning in the Word. – Alexander Maclaren (1826-1910), commenting on 1 Peter 5.12.


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