How vast the treasure we possess!  How rich Thy bounty, King of Grace!  This world is ours, and worlds to come.  Earth is our lodge and heaven our home.

All things are ours – the gifts of God; the purchase of a Savior’s death – while the good Spirit shows us how to use them, and to improve them, too.

If peace and plenty crown my days, they help me, Lord, to speak Thy praise.  If the bread of sorrows be my food, those sorrows work my lasting good.

I would not change my blessed estate for all the world calls good or great.  And, while my faith can keep her hold, I envy not the sinner’s gold.

Father, I await Thy daily will.  Thou shalt divide my portion still.  Grant me, on earth, what seems to Thee best, till death and heaven reveal the rest. – Isaac Watts (1674-1748)


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