Not only is the doctrine of the sacrificial death of Christ embodied in Christianity as an essential element of the system but, in a very real sense, it constitutes Christianity.  It is this which differentiates Christianity from other religions.  Christianity did not come into the world to proclaim a new morality and, sweeping away all the supernatural props by which men were wont to support their trembling, guilt-stricken souls, to throw them back on their own strong right arms to conquer a a standing before God for themselves.  It came to proclaim the real sacrifice for sin which God had provided in order to supersede all the poor fumbling efforts which men had made, and were making, to provide a sacrifice for sin for themselves and, planting men’s feet on this, to bid them go forward.  It was in this sign that Christianity conquered, and it is in this sign, alone, that it continues to conquer. – Benjamin B. Warfield (1851-1921)


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