Not  only was the announcement of Christ’s death by the Supper to be public – it was also clearly designed to be perpetual.  Those for whom it was instituted were enjoined to show forth by it the death of Christ till he should “come again.”  This plainly refers to the consummation of all things and the Savior’s coming to judgment – for, in this sense, the phrase is constantly employed throughout the New Testament.  It is manifestly absurd to regard, with Romanists, its meaning as being – “Ye show forth Christ’s death corporeally until He comes corporeally.”  The Supper is not presented as a sacrifice, but as the memorial of a sacrifice.

From: The Lord’s Supper: Its Nature, Ends, and Obligation, and Mode of Administration by Thomas Houston (Edinburgh: James Gemmell, 1878), p. 79.

Thomas Houston (1803-1882) was an Irish Presbyterian minister and author.  He served as minister of the Presbyterian church in Knockbracken, Ireland (about three miles from Belfast, in his time) for 54 years, from 1828 until his death.


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