For God, the fashioner and king of all, who subsists beyond all essence and human conception, inasmuch as He is good and exceedingly noble, made the human race after His own image through His own Word, our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Through this likeness to Himself, He constituted man able to see and to know essential realities, giving him also a conception and knowledge of his own eternity, in order that, preserving his nature intact, he might never depart from his idea of God nor recoil from the communion of saints but, having the grace of God, who gave it, and possessing also the power proper to the Word of the Father, he might rejoice and have fellowship with the deity, living an immortal life, unhindered and blessed.  For, having nothing to hinder his knowledge of the divinity, he ever beholds, by his purity, the image of the Father, God the Word, after whose image he was made.  He is filled with awe in contemplating that providence which, through Him, extends to the universe. – Athanasius (ca. 296-373), from Against the Pagans 2.2 (composed probably 335-336)


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