I have declared my ways.  Open confession is good for the soul.  Nothing brings more ease and more life to a man than a frank acknowledgement of the evil which has caused [his] sorrow and lethargy.  Such a declaration proves that a man knows his own condition and is no longer blinded by pride.  Our confessions are not meant to make God know our sins, but to make us know them.  And Thou heardest me.  His confession had been accepted.  It was not lost labor.  God had drawn near to him in it.  We ought never to go from a duty until we have been accepted in it.  Pardon follows upon penitent confession, and [the psalmist] felt that he had obtained it.  It is God’s way to forgive our sinful way when we, from our hearts, confess the wrong. – Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892), commenting on Psalm 119.26.


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