We shall never be rooted and grounded in our belief unless we daily practice what we profess to believe.  Full assurance is the reward of obedience.  Answers to prayer are given to those whose hearts answer to the Lord’s command.  If we are devoted to God’s fear*, we shall be delivered from all other fear.  He has no fear as to the truth of the Word who is filled with fear of the author of the Word.  Skepticism is both the parent and the child of impiety, but strong faith both begets piety and is begotten of it.  We commend this whole verse to any devout person whose tendency is to skepticism.  It will be an admirable prayer for use in seasons of unusually strong misgivings. – Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892), commenting on Psalm 119.38.

*”fear” in the sense of “reverence” and “awe”.


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