Concerning Job, we are here told that he was a very good man, eminently pious, and better than his neighbors: He was perfect and upright.  This is intended to show us not only what reputation he had among men (that he was generally taken for an honest man), but what was really his character, for it is the judgment of God concerning him, and we are sure that it is according to truth.  (1) Job was a religious man, one who feared God, that is, worshiped Him according to His will and governed himself by the rules of the divine law in every thing.  (2) He was sincere in his religion: he was perfect, not sinless, as he himself owns (Job 9.20): if I say I am perfect, I will be proved perverse.  But, having a respect to all God’s commandments, aiming at perfection, he was really as good as he seemed to be, and did not dissemble in his profession of piety.  His heart was sound and his eye single.  Sincerity is gospel perfection.  I know no religion without it.  (3) He was upright in his dealings both with God and man, was faithful to his promises, steady in his counsels, true to every trust reposed in him, and made conscience of all he said and did.  See Isaiah 33.15.  Though he was not of Israel, he was indeed an Israelite without guile. – Matthew Henry (1662-1714)


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