The words “you were running well” [Galatians 5.7] contain certain comfort.  For, with these words, Paul pays attention to the trial by which the devout are disciplined.  To themselves, their lives seem dreary, closer to crawling than to running.  But, when there is sound teaching – which cannot be without results, since it brings the Holy Spirit and His gifts – the life of the devout is strenuous running even though it may seem to be crawling.  To us, of course, it seems that everything is moving ahead slowly  and with great difficulty.  But what seems slow to us is rapid in the sight of God, and what hardly crawls for us runs swiftly for Him.  Likewise, what is sorrow, sin, and death in our eyes is joy, righteousness, and life in the eyes of God for the sake of Christ, through whom we are made perfect. – Martin Luther (1483-1546), from Lectures on Galatians (1535)

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