As to my own private experience, the enemy is not suffered to touch the foundation of my faith and hope.  Thus far, I have peace, but my conflicts and exercises with the effects of indwelling sin are very distressing.  I cannot doubt of my state and acceptance, and yet it seems no one can have more cause for doubts and fears than myself if such doubtings were at all encouraged by the gospel.  But, I see they are not.  I see that what I want and hope for the Lord promises to do for His own name’s sake and with a non obstante [notwithstanding] to all my vileness and perverseness.  And I cannot question but He has given me (for how else could I have it?) a thirst for that communion with Him in love and conformity to His image, of which, as yet, I have experienced but very faint and imperfect beginnings.  But, if He has begun, I venture, upon His Word, that He will not forsake the work of His own hands.

From: Jewels from John Newton: Daily Readings from the Works of John Newton, edited by Miller Ferrie (Edinburgh: The Banner of Truth Trust, 2016), from the reading for March 26 (an excerpt from a letter to Rev. Matthew Powley)


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