Hezekiah was going to die, and he was told to set his house in order.  This was fearful news to him, and he pleaded with the Lord that it would not be so.  God heard his cry and granted him another fifteen years.  Hezekiah, therefore, voiced this testimony: “The Lord was ready to save me” (v. 20).  Surely, this is the testimony of every true child of God.  The Lord has saved His people, and He will continue to keep us unto the end, saving us from all that would destroy us.  Are there not many times that we can look back to in our lives when He saved us from harm and delivered us from all our fears?  Cannot we be sure that He will save us to the end, since He has already cast all our sins behind His back?  Therefore, like Hezekiah, we should give the Lord praise and thanksgiving, even in writing, if we have the skill.  Believer, how do you glorify God for answering your prayers, especially your prayers for salvation?

From: Family Worship Bible Guide, Joel R. Beeke, general editor (Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage Books, 2016), p. 507.  Comment on Isaiah 38.


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