Observe, here, (1) that God takes notice of and is displeased with the sins of rulers.  Those who have power to call others to account are, themselves, accountable to the ruler of rulers for, as high as they are, there is a higher than they.  This is intimated in that the commandment transgressed is here said to be the commandment of the Lord his God (verse 22).  He is a prince to others, but let him know the Lord is a God to him.  (2) The sin of the ruler which he committed through ignorance is supposed, afterwards, to come to his knowledge (verse 23), which must be either by the check of his own conscience or by the reproof of his friends, both which we should all, even the best and greatest, not only submit to, but be thankful for.  What we have done amiss we should be very desirous to come to the knowledge of. – Matthew Henry (1662-1714), commenting on Leviticus 4.22-26.


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