Between my leaving the grammar-school, and my entering to the college, two years intervened.  And here began more remarkably my bearing of the yoke of trial and affliction, the which laid on in my youth, has, in the wise disposal of holy Providence, been from that time unto this day continued, as my ordinary lot; one scene of trial opening after another.

Prelacy being abolished by act of parliament, July 22, 1689, and the Presbyterian government settled, June 7, 1690, and the curate of Dunse having died about that time, the Presbyterians took possession of the kirk, by that worthy Mr. Henry Erskine’s preaching in it on a Wednesday, being the weekly market-day; the soldiers being active in carrying on the project, and protecting against the Jacobite party.  The purity of the gospel being new to many, it had much success in these days, comparatively speaking; and in the harvest of that year, my mother fell under exercise about her soul’s care, and much lamented her mis-spent time; and there was a remarkable change then made upon her.

From: Memoirs of the Life, Time, and Writings of the Reverend and Learned Thomas Boston, A. M., Sometime Minister of Simprin, Afterwards at Ettrick, Divided into Twelve Periods.  Written by Himself, and Addressed to his Children.  Now First Published from His Own Manuscripts, to Which are Added, Some Original Papers, and Letters to and From the Author. (Edinburgh: W. Anderson, Bookseller, 1776), p. 12.


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