The highest form of wisdom accessible to man is theological wisdom, but no single theology could possibly exhaust the truth content of Scripture.  Indeed, if this were possible, it would mean that the human mind could attain a knowledge of God which would be equal in perfection to the knowledge of God Himself.  Hence, a plurality of Christian theologies, each of which represents a distinct attempt on the part of human reason to gain a finite view of an infinite object.  These attempts are not all equally successful nor are we left to ourselves in the task of determining their respective values. . .

From: The Christian Philosophy of Saint Augustine by Etienne Gilson; translated from the French by L. E. M. Lynch (New York: Vintage Books, 1960), p. viii.  The translation is of the second French edition of 1943.

Etienne Gilson (1889-1978) was a French Roman Catholic philosopher, historian of philosophy, educator, and author.  He was elected to membership in the French Academy in 1946.


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