Were I to enjoy Hezekiah’s grant and to have fifteen years added to my life, I would be much more frequent in my applications to the throne of grace.  Were I to renew my studies, I would take my leave of those accomplished trifles – the historians, the orators, the poets of antiquity – and devote my attention to the Scriptures of truth.  I would sit with much greater assiduity at my divine Master’s feet and desire to know nothing but “Jesus Christ, and Him crucified” [1 Corinthians 2.2].  This wisdom, whose fruits are peace in life, consolation in death, and everlasting salvation after death – this I would trace, this I would seek, this I would explore through the spacious and delightful fields of the Old and New Testaments. – James Hervey (1714-1758), commenting on Psalm 119.97.


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