The Lord “answered” Job (verse 1).  In speaking to Job, God never addressed the problem of suffering, though He gave him the answer he needed.  Job and the other men had been trying to answer Why?  But this was the wrong question, which accounts for all their wrong answers.  The right question was not Why? but Who?  Once Job understood who he was (verse 2; 42.3) and who God is (verses 5-6; etc.), all was well.  The ultimate answer to all our questions about evil and suffering is not information, but a person: the Lord Himself.  The heart cry of believers is always to see the glory of their God and Savior.  One day, that cry will be answered forever (John 17.24; Titus 2.13).

From: Family Bible Worship Guide, Joel R. Beeke, general editor (Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage Books, 2016), p. 344.  The quoted text is comment #2 for Job 38.


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